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Complete your washroom design with our trough bathroom sinks

A washroom isn’t complete without a trough bathroom sink. Perfect for washrooms with cubicles, these vanity tops can have multiple sinks to keep traffic moving smoothly.  A staple of theatres, restaurants and even hotels, trough bathroom sinks are an elegant and efficient solution for busy commercial washrooms looking for style, functionality and an exceptional user experience.

Dolphin Solutions is one of the leading designers and suppliers of trough bathroom sinks worldwide. Featured in prestigious locations like the Royal Shakespeare Theatre, Sydney Airport, St Pancras International, Wimbledon and Wells Cathedral, Dolphin’s trough bathroom sinks are well-loved by architects, contractors and builders alike. 

Browse our collection of hand-washing trough sinks and request a quote online today.

Unique materials for higher performance 

We believe a trough bathroom sink should be as beautiful as it is durable. 

With this in mind, our bathroom sinks are made from Corian, a hard-wearing, non-porous material that is heat resistant up to 100 degrees Celsius, so they are unlikely to be marked by hot coffee cups, pots or pans. Corian wash troughs are perfect for almost any interior, from large commercial buildings to schools and residential bathrooms.  

With no visible joints or seams, our Corian troughs offer a sleek, multifaceted design for both commercial and residential environments. Without seams, mould and bacteria have nowhere to grow, making cleaning faster and simpler. 

As well as Corian, we can also create solid surface wash troughs, vanity troughs and basins using other materials like Hi-Macs, Staron, Krior, Avonite, and so much more.  These versatile materials give our clients more control over colour and design, ensuring our bathroom sinks blend seamlessly with the existing washroom design.

Integration with the ALAVO Mirror System 

One of our most popular and innovative products is the ALAVO Mirror System — a modern, all-in-one wash trough, soap dispenser, paper towel dispenser and hand dryer built right into the wall. The taps and dispensers are hidden behind a mirror, adding a minimalist touch to the washroom design and eliminating wasted space. 

Our ALAVO Mirror Systems are assembled using various products from the Dolphin collection, including our trough bathroom sinks. Playing one of the most important roles in your washroom set-up, the trough is front-and-centre in the system — and the design is totally customisable. 

Choose between single trough sink basins, double sink basins and long, slimline basins with multiple drains. You can even choose sinks with traditional bowl designs for your ALAVO system. The choice is yours.

How to order a trough bathroom sink from Dolphin Solutions

Ordering a trough bathroom sink through Dolphin Solutions is simple. 

Visit the wash trough you wish to purchase and click “Request a Quote”. You will then be prompted to email us at — please provide us with more information about your washroom project, including: 

  • The name of the product 
  • The configuration, e.g. how many sinks/drains do you need in the basin 
  • How many trough bathroom sinks or ALAVO Mirror Systems you need
  • Preferences for colours and materials
  • Site specifications for installation. 

From here, we can put together a quote, and our team will be in touch to discuss the project further. In this call, we can also discuss payment options, delivery and installation. 

Request a quote online

At Dolphin Solutions, we design elegant, classic washroom solutions for various industries. Whether you need an all-in-one ALAVO system or a set of stainless steel taps to complement your bathroom decor, our solutions add style to any space. 

Complete your washroom design with an elegant trough bathroom sink from Dolphin Solutions. Made durable and completely customisable, our sinks will make a welcome, touch-free addition to your washroom design. 

Choose Dolphin Solutions for elegance, style and functionality you can rely on. Request a quote online now or contact our team at for more information about custom designs, delivery and installation.

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