Concealing your taps, soap dispensers, dryers or paper towels behind a mirror addresses a number of issues. It eliminates water mess causing slip and trip hazards, as well as queuing for hand drying. Replenishment and maintenance are simplified but most importantly, behind mirror facilities provide a sleek and stylish washroom with clean lines and no clutter.

Alavo is Dolphin’s washwall system, expertly engineered by our designers, using the latest technology – including infrared sensor taps, foam soap systems with concealed cartridges and high speed, low-energy dryers. It’s an excellent fit for any washroom. The components can be bespokely made to measure and it is completely customisable with trough basins, matching splashbacks and different lighting colour options.

Single-user or multi-user and completely customisable

By saving on space the landlord/developer can increase the lettable floor area. Architects can shake off design restriction and be endlessly creative with the hugely customisable system. Contractors can enjoy a modular system built offsite. Facilities teams can enjoy an easy to service unit with easy to access consumables.

Vanity tops and troughs

We believe that Solid Surface wash troughs and basins should be as practical as they are beautiful. Non-porous, continuous with no visible joints or seams, they offer durability, functional and multifaceted design in both commercial and residential environments.

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Alavo has been designed to offer outstanding water, energy, space, time and money savings, as well as offering superior hygiene levels.

It is a complete solution for locations where excellent/outstanding/platinum BREEAM, LEED or SKA ratings are being sought by the client.

Additional Features

Electrical Controls

Control panel with RCD breakers requiring one incoming electrical lead

All transformers, circuit boards, and LED controls are contained in one location

All site connections are made with a ‘plug and play’ connection system


The system comprises factory assembled modules complete with all fittings; allowing installation with just a few simple steps:

  1. Fit metal angle strips to the wall
  2. Hang first cabinet on the supporting angles and fix to wall
  3. Hang and fix all successive cabinets
  4. Fit mirror flaps
  5. Connects electrics and water

Maintenance of the system is very minimal, and includes annual regulating of the TMV3 blending valves

A PPM Agreement is available from Dolphin for the system

Completely customisable

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