Fully Customisable to Your Requirements

There are no design restrictions with Alavo, meaning you have the freedom to customise the behind mirror system to suit any washroom in any environment, be it traditional or superloo style. The touch free compact wash station solution is ideal in commercial buildings, public buildings such as airports and shopping centres, hotels, and restaurants due to its high specification properties combined with SMART washroom technology.

The Dolphin Doc M Alavo packs are also customisable. We take extra precautions to give you peace of mind in delivering a compliant wash station solution for your accessible washroom cubicle according to your design.

The options are endless when customising the perfect Alavo system that meets your washroom vision. Match splashbacks or include behind-mirror lighting to give your Alavo that extra wow factor. Choose your preferences to conceal the sensor taps, foam soap cartridges, automatic hand dryers, and paper towel dispensers behind the mirror, or complement your Alavo with washroom products, such as the wall mounted Dolphin sensor taps in special finishes.


Complete, Convenient, Clutter Free

Without compromising their impressive design aesthetics and usability features, the Dolphin Alavo mirror system ensures a complete, convenient, and clutter-free handwashing experience for your commercial washroom users. Eliminating the need to move from one place to another to soap and rinse and dry their hands, this innovative wash wall system from Dolphin significantly reduces water mess and any clutter that can cause slips and trips.

The highly minimalistic design, clean lines, and frameless Dolphin Alavo wash station makes for straightforward installation, easy replenishment of the consumables, and simplified maintenance without having to worry about stubborn moulds and residue nor any restrictions with regards your Alavo mirror systems not blending perfectly well with your washroom design.

Dolphin Alavo Environmental Product Declaration

The Alavo Behind Mirror System takes its commitment to environmental transparency and sustainability to the next level by adhering to rigorous standards. Its Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) aligns with the requirements set forth by EN 15804+A2, ISO 14025, and ISO 21930.

By complying with these esteemed standards, the Alavo Behind Mirror System not only emphasises its dedication to environmental responsibility but also provides stakeholders with comprehensive and reliable information about its environmental performance throughout its life cycle.

This commitment is a testament to the system's sustainable design and its contribution to environmentally conscious building practices.