Introducing the Dolphin Alavo Solo Mirror System, a groundbreaking evolution in behind mirror design that redefines elegance, functionality, and adaptability in public and commercial washrooms.

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Intuitive washstation navigation

The Alavo Solo Mirror System goes beyond aesthetics; it is a thoughtful approach to improve washroom functionality.

It contributes to a more organised, user-friendly washstation experience, enhancing efficiency in hand hygiene practices by attracting individuals to the essential handwashing amenities.

This strategic mirror design helps users quickly identify and access the behind mirror hand dryers, sensor taps, paper towel dispensers, and soap dispensing locations, ultimately enhancing the overall flow and user experience within the washroom.

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How does Alavo Solo elevate washroom design?

This distinctive mirror system design relies on a single connection point, catering to both electrical and plumbing needs across the entire array of individual mirrors. It ensures simplicity in rapid installation, accommodates Dolphin’s foam soap multifeed system, and is SMART ready.


Innovating washroom experience through integrated design

The Dolphin Alavo Solo Mirror System offers unparalleled customisation, catering to the ambience of the washroom and aligning perfectly with the creative preferences of architects and designers.

The integrated standalone mirrors also offer the advantage of enhancing and simplifying maintenance for facilities teams, who only need to oversee and manage one operating system rather than multiple individual mirror units.


Empowering architects with Alavo Solo

Whether it is integrating single mirrors with durable solid surface wash troughs or adorning the in between spaces with tiles, wood accents, lighting, or biophilia, the Alavo Solo Mirror System empowers designers and architects with creative freedom and represents a visionary leap forward in behind mirror systems, seamlessly merging aesthetics with practicality.


Redefining Elegance and Functionality

The Dolphin Alavo Solo Mirror System provides options for both cornered and rounded edges, accommodating diverse design preferences and ensuring a polished visual appeal. This versatility gives architects design flexibility while preserving the numerous benefits offered by the Dolphin Alavo Premium Mirror System.