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    Take care of waste with our extensive range, including recycling, sanitary and free-standing commercial waste bins

    Waste bins are an integral part of all washrooms. Without them, there would be nowhere to stash used paper towels and other rubbish in the bathroom, leaving visitors in quite a predicament. 

    Whether you’re designing washrooms for airports, restaurants, educational facilities, or even hotels, commercial waste bins are an absolute necessity for practical and hygienic reasons. Used items not placed in a bin create the risk of contaminated surfaces like benchtops, walls and floors. 

    To keep visitors safe and maintain the cleanliness of your washroom, we recommend investing in modern waste bins. 

    Dolphin Solutions is the leading designer and supplier of commercial waste bins for all environments and purposes. With a commitment to sustainability, energy-saving solutions and contemporary designs, our products are highly sought by architects, contractors, building owners and more.

    Order your commercial waste bins with Dolphin Solutions today.

    Recessed, freestanding and under-counter/integrated bins available

    We offer multiple commercial rubbish bins to blend seamlessly into your washroom design. We recommend a recessed bin for sleek, minimalist washrooms where saving space is a priority.

    Recessed bins are installed into the washroom wall and create a smooth finish, eliminating the need for bins on the floor or mounted on the wall. Visitors can simply dry their hands with paper towels and pop them into the bin as they leave the washroom. 

    Another option is an under-counter waste bin. These bins are installed under the counter so visitors can wash their hands, dry them with paper towels, and then drop the used towel through a hole in the countertop. This is popular for many businesses and locations like restaurants and hotel lobbies. 

    Consider a freestanding bin for a more traditional approach to washroom waste bins. These bins are traditionally larger than their recessed counterparts — for example, our Prestige Waste Bin holds up to 45L of rubbish. This bin will remain in place with rubber feet on the bottom to reduce floor damage and unnecessary movement. 

    Alternatively, you can mount the bin on the wall using two screws, eliminating the risk of damage. 

    Browse through our collection and discover the potential for your washroom design.

    Commercial bins for women’s bathrooms 

    Specialised commercial bins are required for women’s bathrooms. As part of our core collection, we have an extensive range of sanitary bins that are both discrete and easy to use. 

     We offer recessed sanitary bins for a more sleek and contemporary look in your bathroom while giving visitors the convenience of a sanitary bin. Like a regular sanitary bin, it’s simple and quiet to use, so women can easily dispose of sanitary napkins.

    Many of these products can also be wall-mounted for a cubicle-style situation. 

    Alternatively, for your visitor’s ultimate convenience, we also offer sanitary bins with disposable bag dispensers for easy bin use. These bins are wall-mounted and easily accessible in a cubicle or bathroom scenario. 

    For more information about our sanitary bins or to order from Dolphin Solutions, please contact us at

    Recycling with our commercial waste bins 

    Many of our clients are highly environmentally conscious — much like ourselves. With this in mind, we have expanded our collection to include sleek, contemporary recycling bins to suit all locations and purposes. 

    Our recycling bins come in four convenient sizes and include up to four compartments for rubbish, packaging, paper and glass. Labelling the compartments is entirely up to you, but we find these are the most common uses for our bins. 

    We also have two, three and single-compartment bins based on the unique needs of the washroom or environment at hand. 

    Our bins are perfect for interior or exterior use and have been commonly used in airports, office blocks/buildings and stations. However, they can also be used in hotel and restaurant washrooms, small office spaces and more. 

    Made from high-quality stainless steel, our bins can also be customised to meet your washroom/space’s existing design or blend in with an upcoming project. We have multiple colours, textures and finishes to apply to the stainless steel exterior to achieve your desired aesthetic. 

    Keeping maintenance teams safe and efficient 

    One of the main concerns around a washroom design is hygiene — for visitors and employees alike. With this in mind, many of our bins come with fabric or disposable bags to make clean-up quick and simple, while others have disposable bag compartments where bin liners can be stored for fast cleaning. 

    Many of our commercial bins are also lockable to prevent damage and theft, so maintenance teams can lock them after emptying them. 


    What sizes are available?

    Our bins range from four litres to up to 80 litres. Some of our bins also have multiple compartments to eliminate bulky bins in your washroom. 

    What configurations are available?

    We offer an extensive range of commercial waste bin configurations to meet your individual needs. From recessed bins to wall-mountable bins, sanitary waste bins, recycling bins, under-counter waste bins, mounted bin flaps, pedal bins and more, we have the ideal configuration to meet your needs. Browse through our collection now.

    Are your commercial waste bins customisable? 

    Of course. As an architect, designer or contractor, we understand the need for custom designs to blend seamlessly with the existing washroom design or an up-and-coming project. 

    Many of our commercial rubbish bins are made from high-quality stainless steel, meaning we can add custom colours, coatings and textures to your bins. We offer two custom coatings to add to your commercial bins: an organic powder coating or a Physical Vapour Deposition (PVD) coating. Our powder coating is applied using a free-flowing organic powder that is applied and heated to fuse with the metal in a curing oven. 

    We offer a full range of RAL colours so that you can choose the ideal colour for your washroom design.

    Our PVD coating adds a luxurious metallic finish to your commercial waste bins, giving your washroom a sense of grandeur. This durable coating has been used in the automotive and marine industries and is corrosion, tarnish and rust-resistant. It is also available in six PVD colours.

    For more information about a custom order, please contact our team at 

    Do you offer recycling bins? 

    Yes. At Dolphin Solutions, we are 100% committed to creating sustainable products, including recycling bins. We offer recycling bins with up to four sections for waste, paper, packaging and glass, which you can label as you see fit. 

    Our recycling bins are ideally used in environments like airports, office blocks, stations and washrooms. 

    Are there sanitary bins available?

    Absolutely. We offer an extensive range of sanitary bins for female bathrooms, offering a discreet and convenient experience. We offer sanitary bins with bag dispensers and self-closing sanitary bins so visitors do not need to touch the bin more than necessary.

    Our sanitary bins include a removable hygiene container to make clean-up safer for washroom staff, and we have wall-mounted and recessed options available to meet your design requirements. 

    How do I order a commercial waste bin?

    To order our commercial waste bins, click “Request a Quote” on the product of your choice. You will be prompted to email our team at Please provide more information about the order, like the number of units needed, any colour variations, and what size bin you would like (there are multiple variations of some products).

    From here, we will contact you to discuss your design requirements and organise payment and delivery.

    Can these bins hold organic waste? 

    These bins are for commercial waste collection, including food waste, recyclable materials, plastics, paper and cardboard, and general waste. However, they are generally designed for washroom waste management only. 

    They are not designed for hazardous waste. 

    Do these bins have lockable lids? 

    Yes, our bins come with lockable lids for safety and security. 

    Contact us to order commercial waste bins for your washroom design

    Keep your washrooms clean and tidy with our extensive range of commercial waste bins. Simply request a quote online from the desired product page, or contact us directly at and tell us more about your washroom project. We will contact you to discuss the required bins and any customisations.

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