We believe that Solid Surface wash troughs and basins should be as practical as they are beautiful. Non-porous, continuous with no visible joints or seams, they offer durability, function and multifaceted design in both commercial and residential environments. Dolphin Solid Surface wash troughs and basins offer a sophisticated and pure configuration that enables effortless integration in the washroom in either communal activity spaces or private ‘Supaloo’ environments.

 The flexibility of design, durability and colour choice available via Dolphin’s solid surface materials make them perfect for wash troughs and much more.

Dolphin Solid Surface Vanity Tops, Wash Basins and Sinks

As well as wash troughs we are also able to create vanity tops, sinks and basins from our solid surface materials. Not every project needs a full wash trough and a number of individual wash basins or sinks set into a surface may be more suitable. As with wash troughs, Dolphin solid surface wash basins look stunning and have no troublesome seams that need cleaning or create a haven for moulds and residue.

Ultimately, as solid surface experts we want to create and design with you, help customise and bring your vision to life, and be your guide every step of the way.

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