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Material, finish and mounting options are available across a wide range which also include high speed and low energy consuming dryers

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Minimise paper waste and maximise convenience with our quality washroom hand dryers

Now more than ever, a clean and sanitary washroom environment is essential. The fewer surfaces visitors have to touch, the better — and the fewer paper towels used, the better too. 

Modern guests are concerned about the cleanliness and eco-friendliness of public washrooms. With this in mind, we’ve developed smart, intuitive, low-voltage washroom hand dryers to make your washroom a more welcoming place. Our touch-free hand dryers eliminate the need for touching unsanitary surfaces, while also minimising the paper towel waste often found in public restrooms. 

Matched with touch-free soap dispensers and taps, your guests may never have to touch a single surface. 

Discover our luxurious washroom hand dryer collection online today.

Traditional washroom hand dryers

Amongst our collection, we offer traditional wall-mounted hand dryers that are recognised worldwide. All touch-free and 100% hygienic, your visitors can wave their hands under the sensor and activate the dryer for a safe, sanitary drying experience. 

One of our most traditional models is the Dolphin BC230 Hand Dryer complete with a nozzle that can be adjusted to meet the needs of the user. The nozzle can be rotated for hand and face drying, making it the perfect multipurpose dryer for any washroom. Made from pure stainless steel, this dryer is available in brushed satin or a white metal finish for a sleek, contemporary look.

Our collection also includes a range of high-speed hand dryers with filters to keep visitors safe from unnecessary germs. Our Velocity High-Speed Hand Dryer filters out 99.5 of the particle size 0.3 µm — most bacteria is 0.5-5 µm in size and other particles are even larger.

This washroom hand dryer is designed for the ultimate hygienic experience. For the hand dryers Australian consumers can rely on, contact our team or shop online today.

Recessed & hands-in dryers

For a more compact, save-spacing solution for your washroom, our recessed commercial hand dryers are a popular choice. Installed into the wall, recessed dryers are sleek and subtle for washrooms with a modern, minimalist design.

Your visitors need only place their hands under the sensor after washing their hands and the dryer will automatically activate.

We offer two stainless steel models with a brushed satin finish, available in the full range of RAL colours. The Dolphin 02.4011 Hand Dryer is also available in coloured acrylic, glass or Corian — choose from an impressive range of vibrant, contemporary colours and make your hand dryers the focal point of the room. 

Alternatively, we also offer “hands-in” dryers that can be easily attached to the washroom wall. Your visitors can dip their hands into the dryer and in a few short seconds, their hands will be perfectly dry. 

Both recessed and hands-in options are 100% touch-free for the ultimate hygienic experience. 

The customisable hand dryers Australian architects desire

The luxe design of our washroom hand dryers has caught the eye of architects throughout Australia and the world. Thanks to their customisable nature, our dryers can blend seamlessly into existing washroom designs — from materials to finishes and mounting options, we can design electric hand dryers to suit the space from the moment they’re installed.

Through the introduction of new standards in performance and sustainability, new materials and innovative technologies, we are now able to offer custom colours, textures and finishes like powder coatings and Physical Vapour Disposition (PVD) coatings.

Powder coating is the most popular colour application process for metal products like our washroom hand dryers. A free-flowing organic powder is applied and then heated to fuse with the metal in a curing oven. Available in the full range of RAL colours, architects and developers can add the perfect hue to their washroom dryers.

PVD coatings, on the other hand, offer a hard-wearing, corrosion and tarnish resistant finish on most metal components. It offers an elegant metallic finish and is durable enough that the coating has been used in the automotive and marine industries. We offer six stunning PVD colours in this coating.

For custom air hand dryer designs, contact us at info@dolphinsolutions.net.au and tell us about your design requirements. 

Sustainable washroom hand dryers for a better tomorrow 

Dolphin Solutions is committed to supplying architects, contractors and building owners with products and accessories that streamline water and energy efficiency while managing and monitoring water usage and wastage. 

Our sensor taps save up to 70% water over their lifetime and in total, our products have saved more than 1,256,850,000 litres of water. Plus, our range can save up to 28% in energy consumption, meaning your bottom line is stronger and more sustainable. 

Sustainability is important to us at Dolphin Solutions and we know it’s important to our customers, too, which is why we have become one of the leading designers and suppliers of sustainable hand dryers in Australia. 

For more information about our commitment to the environment, visit our sustainability page or contact us online. We can provide recommendations and advice around the best water and energy-saving products for your washroom design. 

Contact us to order sleek and efficient washroom hand dryers 

Add the finishing touch to your washroom design with luxurious hand dryers from Dolphin Solutions. Contact our team to order washroom hand dryers — request a quote from the desired product page or contact us directly at info@dolphinsolutions.net.au and tell us more about your washroom project. We can organise the colour, finishes, textures and numbers for your washroom.

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