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    Make better use of space in your washrooms with our paper towel dispensers 

    A public washroom wouldn’t be complete without paper towel dispensers. Whether it’s a public bathroom, an airport washroom or even a private hotel bathroom, paper towel dispensers provide your guests with more control over their paper towel usage — as well as provide a fast and convenient way to dry their hands after washing. 

    With this in mind, Dolphin Solutions has developed a sophisticated range of paper towel dispensers to complete commercial washroom designs all over the world. Made from durable materials like plastic, stainless steel and other white metals, our hand towel dispensers are designed to last in public washrooms.

    Browse through our sleek and reliable range of hand towel dispensers online and contact us for more information today.  

    Paper hand towel holders in an exceptional range of colours and sizes

    We pride ourselves on our extensive range of paper hand towel holders. Available in various colours, finishes, sizes and designs, you’re sure to find paper towel dispensers to blend seamlessly into your new or existing washroom design. 

    Our stainless steel paper roll dispensers have a stunning brushed satin or mirror finish, perfect for adding a sleek and modern look to your washroom. For a more unique design, consider taking advantage of our custom finishes — we offer a luxurious powder coating in a wide range of RAL colours. Choose a colour that suits your washroom design and we’ll take care of the rest at our in-house manufacturing plant. 

    Our plastic and white metal dispensers are, of course, white! While the colours are set for these designs, white paper towel dispensers can add a classic, clean look to washrooms of all kinds.

    Available in various shapes and sizes, our paper roll dispensers will fit into your washroom design with ease. Browse the collection online!

    Unique and innovative paper towel dispensers for your guests’ convenience

    Along with stunning designs, our paper towel dispensers are also incredibly innovative. We have dispensers that can be installed under countertops, against walls, inside walls, behind doors and so much more, making it simple to minimise wasted space in the washroom. 

    Among our hand paper towel dispensers, we have behind-the-mirror designs to minimise wall and countertop space. These dispensers are recessed flat and can be installed behind hinged mirrors for a sleek, contemporary look. We also have angled options available, dispensers suitable for high class and high traffic areas, and so much more.

    Our recessed wall and counter dispensers are always a popular choice with architects and interior designers alike. These dispensers fit neatly into the wall or countertop, creating a smooth surface and convenient space where your guests can dry their hands. 

    There’s no limit to what you can achieve with our sophisticated paper towel dispensers. 

    Premium coatings and finishes to customise your dispensers 

    At Dolphin Solutions, we’re committed to optimum customer care and satisfaction. With this in mind, we have developed two custom coatings and finishes you can add to your paper towel dispensers to ensure they meet your unique washroom needs and requirements. 

    Our ever-popular powder coating offers an incredibly durable, uniform and attractive finish. To achieve this stunning look, we apply a free-flowing organic powder to the dispenser via its electrostatic attraction to metal. We then heat up the powder and fuse it to the metal in a curing oven. This creates a smooth and sleek finish.

    Available in the full range of RAL colours, we can customise your dispensers to suit the design of your washrooms.

    Alternatively, we also offer a physical vapour deposition (PVD) coating which is a popular choice with architects all over the world. PVD is hard-wearing, corrosion and tarnish resistant on metal components, and has been used in high-performance applications in the automotive and marine industries.

    PVD provides a sustainable solution for design projects where building performance and environmental responsibility are key considerations. PVD does not contain any toxic by-products, making it the preferred choice for eco-friendly architects and business owners. 

    This shiny, metallic finish comes in six gorgeous colours that imitate far more expensive metals like copper, gold, silver and bronze. We can also achieve a matte finish for a contemporary washroom design.

    For more information about our custom coatings, contact the creative and knowledgeable team from Dolphin Solutions via (02) 4966 8499 or We’d be more than happy to provide recommendations and advice around your washroom design.


    • I’m looking for an affordable solution to paper towel dispensers. Can you help me?

      Absolutely. We offer an extensive range of paper towel dispensers for all budgets. For more information about pricing and bulk orders, get in touch with the team from Dolphin Solutions on (02) 4966 8499 or We can provide obligation-free quotes and affordable recommendations for your washrooms.

    • I want to create a sleek, futuristic washroom design. What paper towel dispensers would you recommend?

      Our recessed paper towel dispensers are a popular choice for those looking for a “sleek” look in their washrooms. These dispensers are installed into the wall, creating a smooth surface from the wall to the dispenser. We can also install paper towel dispensers in countertops and mirrors, eliminating wasted space with ease.

      For a “futuristic” feel, our touch-free paper towel dispensers are a must. While these dispensers are not recessed, your guests can simply place their hands underneath the dispenser and thanks to the infrared technology, paper towels will automatically be dispensed without the need to touch any surface.

      Infrared dispensers are the height of cleanliness and hygiene, which is becoming more and more important in public washrooms.

    • What are Dolphin Solutions paper towel dispensers made of?

      Most of our products (including our paper towel dispensers) are made from durable stainless steel which is both corrosion and tarnish resistant — a must for washrooms, especially steamy ones!

      However, we also have paper towel dispensers in white plastic and white metal, depending on your budgetary and design requirements.

    • Can I customise my paper roll dispensers?

      Yes! We love creating unique product designs for our customers, which is why we offer a luxurious range of custom coatings and finishes. You can choose from an extensive range of colours and finishes with a powder coating or six metallic colours with our PVD coating.

      Choose from a mirror or matte finish to achieve the texture you want to see in your washroom and we’ll manufacture custom dispensers in our in-house manufacturing plant.

    • How do I order paper towel dispensers with Dolphin Solutions?

      For more information about custom orders, pricing and ordering, simply get in touch with the team from Dolphin Solutions on (02) 4966 8499 or We’ll provide all the information you need to begin the washroom renovation process and stock your washrooms with premium paper towel dispensers.

    • How many paper towels can your dispensers hold?
      The number of paper towels our dispensers can hold varies from product to product. On each of our product pages, you’ll find data sheets and guides that outline how many paper towels the dispenser in question can hold. Some dispensers take paper rolls rather than individual sheets, so be sure to download our helpful guides to determine which dispenser is right for you.

    • I’m highly conscious of the cleanliness of my washrooms. Are there touch-free options available?

      Absolutely. We have infrared paper towel dispensers available in a wide range of functionalities and designs, so your guests can simply wave their hands and have paper towels delivered without having to touch any surfaces.

      Likewise, we also have touch-free taps, soap dispensers and hot air dryers to make your washrooms a sanitary and hygienic environment for your guests. 

    Contact Dolphin Solutions for more information about our elegant paper towel dispensers today 

    At Dolphin Solutions, we’re committed to premium customer care and satisfaction — and our sales team is no exception. For more information about our lavish washroom products and paper towel dispensers, contact our team via (02) 4966 8499 or

    Our professional sales team can provide helpful information around pricing, live demonstrations, tours of our workshop, manufacturing and delivery. 

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