Commercial Baby Changing Table for Public Bathrooms

These intelligently designed nappy change units are available in plastic or stainless steel and either recessed or surface-mounted to compliment your washroom design.

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    Make things simpler for parents with our commercial baby changing tables

    While not all public spaces are required to have a bathroom changing table for parents and their little ones, if your business sees lots of babies and children who use nappies, it is recommended to have a changing table set up in the bathroom (traditionally, the women’s bathroom or a designated parent’s room). 

    Australian legislation states the parent’s room must have a space for changing nappies, hand washing facilities for adults, sanitary bins for soiled nappies and, if required, laundering facilities for cloth nappies and/or clothing. 

    Commercial baby changing tables should be sturdy, safe, and reliable for parents and children, making nappy changes a breeze. With this in mind, we design and manufacture a range of wall-mounted changing tables made from 304-grade stainless steel to support babies up to 3.5 years or 22.7 kilograms. 

    Built tough and built to last, our changing tables are perfect for many businesses and environments, from local libraries to shopping centres, restaurants, cafes, and more. Our changing tables have even been found in prestigious locations like Sydney Airport, Wells Cathedral, St Pancras International and the Royal Shakespeare Theatre — a testament to their durability and reliability. 

    Architects, contractors, and building owners have relied on Dolphin Solutions changing tables for many years. Browse through our collection of sturdy changing tables and request a quote online today.

    NOTE: Only education and care facilities for children are legally required to have a commercial baby changing table in Australia

    Safe, wall-mounted changing tables to alleviate parents’ concerns

    When it comes to changing tables for babies and toddlers, safety and hygiene are our number one priorities. Children and parents are safe from germs with an ABS tray that is inherently bacteria-resistant. Just add a regular cleaning and sanitation schedule into the mix to ensure the safety of your visitors. 

    Plus, to avoid unnecessary accidents, we have installed a pneumatic gas shock mechanism to ensure a smooth and safe opening and closing. No more surprises in the parent’s room — just safe, secure changing. 

    Many of our commercial changing stations also have a liner dispenser to ensure babies’ skin never touches a single surface. 

    As a standard, all changing tables come with instructions and warnings to help parents avoid accidents and change their children safely and securely. The warning signs have recognisable black, red, and white colours to represent potential dangers.

    For more information about the safety of our stainless steel changing tables, contact our team at 

    Coatings, colours, and customisation

    Beyond the safety benefits of our commercial changing tables, we also offer custom colours, coatings and configurations so you can create changing tables that blend in with the washroom surroundings. 

    Thanks to the stainless steel construction, most of our changing tables are available with a luxurious powder coating. Choose from the full range of RAL colours and match the changing table design to the washroom. 

    We add a powder coating to our changing tables using a free-flowing organic powder, which is heated and applied to the stainless steel. This is a popular coating option for many products, producing a smooth, seamless finish. 

    In terms of configurations, our changing tables are available in a recessed option, vertical and horizontal options, with or without a stainless steel colour and more. While browsing our collection, download our product guides for more information about custom configurations and installation options. 

    Additional features available for purchase

    For your convenience, we offer a selection of accessories you can purchase alongside your changing table, like spare changing table straps, liner paper dispensers, paper rolls for the dispensers, and backer plates to help mount the changing table on the wall. 

    When you order a changing table (or baby change tables), reference the accessories you want to purchase so we can include them in the quote. 

    If you choose a changing table with a liner paper dispenser, we recommend purchasing many paper rolls to keep your changing tables stocked. Your maintenance team can replace the paper rolls when they run out and place another order with us when stocks run out. 

    How to order a wall-mounted changing table from Dolphin Solutions

    If you want to order a public bathroom baby changing table, click on the product and select “Request a Quote”. You will then be prompted to provide more details about your design and configuration requirements via email. 

    So that we can provide an accurate quote, please tell us more about:

    • Your colour and coating preferences
    • Your configuration preferences (e.g. recessed versus wall-mounted, horizontal or vertical)
    • The number of changing tables you need
    • Any additional accessories you need
    • Where the changing tables will be installed, and if there are any possible roadblocks.

    One of our experienced team members will contact you to discuss your options and provide an accurate quote. We will also organise payment and delivery if you decide to shop with us.

    Invest in reliable commercial baby changing tables today 

    Make your business safer and more accessible for parents and their children. Order baby changing tables online or over the phone with Dolphin Solutions — we offer competitive pricing for luxurious, high-quality products. 

    Submit a quote online and tell us more about your washroom project and baby changing needs. Our team will contact you as soon as possible to discuss pricing, delivery, installation and more.

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