Bathroom Accessibility: Bathroom Hand Rails & Grab Rails

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    Create a safe and accessible washroom with our collection of bathroom handrails

    Every visitor deserves a relaxing, comfortable washroom experience. With this in mind, we have developed a luxurious and durable collection of bathroom handrails to complete your washroom design and improve the safety of your establishment. 

    Our range of accessible washroom fittings is designed to our usual high standards. Made from durable stainless steel and simple to install, our handrails improve bathroom safety, are easy on the eye and are a pleasure to use. 

    These grab rails can be installed on walls, next to toilets, in the bath and the shower, so those who need a helping hand in the washroom have it when needed. Browse through our collection of toilet rails or get in touch for more information about custom designs, pricing, and more — exceptional service is fully guaranteed. 

    A Dolphin toilet grab rail is designed to be durable, reliable and, most of all, safe

    When it comes to toilet handrails, safety is our number one priority. Our T-bar grab rails can support up to 190 kilograms, so almost all visitors can safely rely on them. 

    Made from solid stainless steel, our grab rails are Doc M Compliant which means they are up-to-date with the latest public building regulations and are ergonomically designed so your visitors have maximum comfort while using them.

    Apart from the dependable design, our bathroom handrails add a sophisticated style to your washrooms. Our ready-made handrails come in a brushed satin or mirror polish finish, or if you’re looking for something more specific, we offer custom designs in a powder coating. Available in any RAL colour, we can create something truly unique for you. 

    Simply get in touch with our creative and knowledgeable team via (02) 4966 8499

    Or for more information about custom designs and pricing. 

    Luxurious finishes for unique colour and texture in your washroom

    Like all our products, our disabled grab rails are available in custom colours and finishes to add a touch of elegance to your washrooms. We have two luxurious finishes: powder coating and physical vapour deposition (PVD)

    Our ever-popular powder coating is a must-have for all washrooms. This free-flowing organic powder is applied by electrostatic attraction to metal and then heated up and smoothly fused with the metal in a curing oven. This provides a uniform, attractive, high-quality finish.

    Available in an incredible range of RAV colours, we can customise your bathroom handrails to suit your washroom design.

    Alternatively, we have our durable PVD finish. Using sound wave vibrations and chemicals, prepare the surface of your handrails for coating. We use reactive gases like nitrogen, acetylene and metal ions to form a thin metal alloy coating. The variations in the metal ions allow us to create different colour options.

    We have six unique colours to choose from in our PVD coating.

    From shower rails to bathroom grab bars for toilets, we can add a stunning finish to your bathroom accessories and rails. Contact our professional team for more information today.

    T-bar and soft-fall grab rails available for your visitors’ ultimate convenience

    Dolphin Solutions manufactures two reliable bathroom handrails — T-bars and soft-fall grab rails with a retaining catch

    Our T-bars are the sturdiest and most reliable handrails on the market. Capable of supporting up to 190 kilograms, these handrails are made from stainless steel and come in two sizes: 400m and 600m. 

    Our soft-fall grab rails, on the other hand, have a convenient folding mechanism so you can simply store the grab rail away when no longer needed. Complete with a soft-fall damping mechanism and retaining catch, these handrails are ideal for disabled bathrooms where visitors need a helping hand getting up and down from the toilet or in and out of the bath.

    Both designs are available in custom finishings to blend seamlessly into your washroom design. Browse the range online and get in touch for more information about our handrails.


    • Why should I choose Dolphin Solutions for toilet grab rails?

      At Dolphin Solutions, we work with architects, contractors and developers worldwide to create beautiful, high-performance washrooms — and we have been for over 30 years. We couldn’t be more proud of our products, including bathroom handrails and grab rails.You’ll find our products in the world’s most prestigious locations like the Royal Shakespeare Theatre, Sydney Airport, St Pancras International, Wimbledon and the Wells Cathedral. Our products are the top choice for architects and interior designers alike.


    •  Have your bathroom handrails been thoroughly tested?Absolutely. Safety was our main focus when we designed our T-bars and soft-fall grab rails. Both handrails have been tested up to 190 kilograms to ensure your visitors are safe and can rely on the durability of our handrails.Our rails are also Doc M Compliant which means they are up-to-date with the latest public building regulations.


    • Can your bathroom handrails be used in disabled toilets?Yes! Our soft-fall handrails are ideal for disabled washrooms to help patrons or visitors get on and off the toilet or provide support wherever needed.


    • How do I order handrails for my washrooms?It’s easy! Simply contact our team at (02) 4966 8499 or email us at We can discuss your design ideas and aspirations, provide competitive pricing and organise delivery and/or installation.


    • Are custom designs available?Yes. We have an in-house manufacturing plant where we design and create our products, so custom designs are always an option. We firmly believe in customer care and satisfaction, and we want your new handrails to blend seamlessly into your new or existing washroom design.You can choose from a wide range of colours and finishes to enhance our ready-made collection — we’ll create something unique to suit your design needs and requirements.


    • Are Dolphin Solutions committed to sustainability and healthcare?

      We’re committed to our products having minimal impact on the environment and considering a building’s users’ well-being. To that end, we fully support clients and projects that look to obtain and achieve sustainable building standards, including BREEAM, WELL, SKA and LEED.

      We follow WELL standards to a tee. These standards promote the health and well-being of people in their environment, and our handrails are specially designed with this in mind.


    Contact us for sleek and sturdy bathroom handrails today

    Complete your washroom design and improve your visitor’s safety with our range of stainless steel bathroom handrails. 

    Contact us for more information about custom designs, pricing, demonstrations, and more — we offer exceptional customer service and tours of our in-house manufacturing plant, so you can learn how we make and customise the handrails that will soon be in your washrooms.

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