Commercial Washroom Accessories: Bathroom & Toilet Fittings

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    Quality commercial bathroom accessories & washroom fittings

    In a clean and convenient washroom design, the little things count:

    • Shelves
    • Hooks
    • Signage
    • Door stops
    • Toilet roll holders
    • Soap dispensers
    • Soap dishes
    • Towel rails
    • Storage
    • Bathroom accessory sets and essentials.

    All these beautiful bathroom accessories can make a big difference to the functionality and style of your washroom. 

    At Dolphin Solutions, we want to help our clients create a complete washroom experience for their customers. From sanitary touch-free taps, soap dispensers and paper towel dispensers to simple accessories like hooks and towel rails, we endeavour to create the world’s most luxurious, aesthetically pleasing and functional washrooms. 

    Available in multiple colours and finishes, our bathroom toilet accessories are perfect for any washroom setting; in fact, you will find our commercial bathroom accessories in some of the world’s most luxurious and prestigious locations like Wimbledon, the Royal Shakespeare Theatre and the Sydney International Airport. 

    Strike the perfect balance of style and functionality: take your bathroom aesthetic to the next level with Dolphin Solutions. We have various colours, textures, and different styles to suit your stylish washroom design. 

    Commercial toilet fittings for your utmost convenience 

    Commercial toilet fittings are essential for both cleanliness and convenience. A small waste bin in each cubicle can never go astray, especially in women’s bathrooms. Likewise, stocking the washroom with multiple toilet brushes will help the cleaning team clean the toilets regularly.

    We stock both of these items here at Dolphin Solutions. 

    Our toilet brush sets are a must-have for washroom architects and designers from Australia and worldwide. Made from highly durable stainless steel, our toilet brush sets are corrosion and rust-resistant, meaning they will go the distance and stay fresh for years. 

    We offer floor and wall-mounted toilet brush sets so you can choose what’s best for your washroom. Wall-mounted toilet brush sets are becoming increasingly popular, as they can be fixed to the wall and prevent theft or damage. 

    Browse our luxurious range of toilet accessories and fittings online today.

    Signage, hooks, towel rails and more

    There are some accessories that a washroom simply cannot go without. For example, the humble hook can make an enormous difference in the functionality of a hotel washroom or even outside a steam room. Here, visitors can hang their clothing or towels, making it easy to disrobe, shower and dry off.

    We manufacture fine stainless steel hooks for all washrooms, serving many purposes and adding convenience. We have hooks in various shapes, sizes and designs to suit any washroom.

    To complete your washroom design, we also manufacture glass and stainless steel shelves, sanitary napkin dispensers and bags, towel rails and drip trays, giving your washroom the finishing touch it needs. 

    Stunning colours and finishes to choose from 

    An elegant washroom has seamless, uniform colours and finishes to create a relaxed, clean environment. Dolphin Solutions lets customers choose custom colours and finishes to achieve this beautiful aesthetic. 

    Among our custom finishes, we have the ever-popular powder coating

    Powder coating or electrostatic spray deposition (ESD) is the most common colour application process for metal products and components. The free-flowing organic powder offers a durable, uniform, attractive finish and can be applied to almost all of our stainless steel products, including our commercial bathroom accessories.

    Available in the full range of RAL colours and bespoke colours for your project, our premium powder coating will give your washroom the perfect finishing touch.

    Another popular option is our PVD finish.

    Our PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition) coating is loved by architects worldwide. We have successfully used PVD on washroom fittings like door hardware, locks, taps, dispensers and accessories.

    PVC is hard-wearing, corrosion-resistant, and tarnish-resistant, making it the ideal finish for all washrooms. This coating comes in six stunning colours, mimicking far more expensive metals like copper, gold and silver.

    For custom washroom accessories, contact our professional team via (02) 4966 8499 or We would be more than happy to discuss your washroom design ideas and requirements. 

    Contact Dolphin Solutions for tasteful commercial bathroom accessories today

    Complete your washroom design with our sophisticated and modern accessories — contact our team for an obligation-free consultation or a showroom tour. 

    Our creative and knowledgeable team will share ideas and inspiration for your washroom design, run practical demonstrations and offer you the chance to try products in person.

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