Combination Units: Paper Towel Dispenser & Bins

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    Improve your washroom experience with our paper towel dispenser with bins (or combination units) 

    Looking to save space and take a minimalist approach to your washroom design? Combination units are the perfect alternative to separate units for toilet tissues, bins, hand washing and drying. 

    Our collection of paper towel dispensers with bins has revolutionised how business owners design their washrooms. Available in a luxurious selection of finishes and styles, we can guarantee our combination units will blend seamlessly into your existing washroom design and ensure absolute convenience for your customers.

    Complete your washroom design with Dolphin Solutions. Contact us today for customised designs and pricing. 

    Paper towel dispensers with bins, touch-free paper towel dispensers and much more

    Our combination units come in a wide range of styles. For example, our Combination Waste Bin and Touch Free Paper Towel Dispensers feature an electronic paper towel dispenser and sensor. Using this paper towel dispenser, towels will appear when the customer places their hand in front of the sensor, so they don’t have to touch a thing. 

    Matched with touch-free taps and soap dispensers, you can create a convenient and sanitary washroom experience for your customers.

    Our paper towel dispensers with bins have full-metal housing made from robust, easy-to-clean stainless steel. All corners are fully welded for extra durability and an extended lifespan, so you can count on your combination unit for years to come. 

    Our combination units can be found in the world’s most luxurious and prestigious locations like the Royal Shakespeare Theatre, Wimbledon and even the Sydney International Airport. For a seamless washroom experience, purchase our combination paper towel dispensers with bins.

    Custom finishes for seamless installation into your washroom design 

    Our combination units should blend seamlessly into your washroom design and enhance the customer experience. With this in mind, we offer two stunning custom finishes to turn your washroom into a beautiful and relaxing space.

    Our consultants will work with your design team and planners either in the studio or together on-site to make your design ideas a stunning reality. Thanks to the emergence of new materials and technologies, we offer a wide selection of finishes and colours (including a clean, bright white — always a popular choice) to suit your existing washroom design.

    We offer high-quality powder coating, for example, to create a durable, uniform, attractive and high-quality finish. This is a popular finish for metal and stainless steel washroom equipment like our combination units.

    Our PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition) coating, however, is loved by architects from all over the world. Hard-wearing, corrosion and tarnish-resistant, and luxuriously sleek, PVD leaves a beautiful metallic finish.

    Get in touch with our team of designers to discuss colours and finish options for your new combination unit today.

    Complete your washroom design with our convenient paper towel dispensers with bins

    With Dolphin Solutions, you can create a convenient and clean washroom experience for your customers. Our combination units are a must-have for washrooms needing extra space, blending your paper towel dispenser and waste bin seamlessly.

    Browse through our collection online and get in touch for more information about customised finishes and pricing. Our team can help you place an order and organise professional installation, either by Dolphin Solutions or a certified installation specialist. 

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