Soap Dispensers: Automatic Touch Free & Manual

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    Innovative solutions for every washroom. Wall-mounted soap dispensers and touch-free sanitiser dispensers

    From modern metallic finishes to intelligent, automatic soap dispensers, a well-designed washroom can make all the difference in your guest’s overall experience. With this in mind, we’ve curated an extensive collection of sensor soap dispensers that are both elegant and functional, allowing your guests to feel at ease in the washroom. 

    Our collection includes wall-mounted soap dispensers, infrared dispensers, touch-free dispensers, vanity top dispensers, and so much more, which means you can customise your washroom based on the needs and expectations of your guests. 

    At Dolphin Solutions, we’re passionate about creating elegant washroom designs for our clients. Create a clean, functional and, best of all, beautiful washroom with Dolphin Solutions. Contact us today for pricing

    The most luxurious hand soap dispensers Australia has to offer

    From the Shard to the Royal Shakespeare Theatre, Sydney Airport to St Pancras International and the washrooms of Wimbledon, you will find Dolphin Solutions soap dispensers. In Australia and around the world, architects, contractors and developers have chosen our automatic soap dispensers to create elegant washrooms in even the most prestigious settings.

    Now more than ever, soap and sanitiser dispensers are relied upon for a clean, reassuring washroom experience. Touchless soap dispensers are becoming more and more popular, allowing guests to effectively wash their hands without having to touch any potentially unclean objects or surfaces. 

    Our commercial soap dispensers are intelligently designed — especially our infrared and touch-free options. Your guests can simply place their hands under the dispenser, and soap or sanitiser will pour into their open palms, ready for washing.

    Matched with our touch-free tapware, your guests will have a streamlined and sanitary washroom experience.  

    Sleek, stunning and wonderfully effective, Dolphin commercial soap dispensers are highly sought after for washrooms worldwide. Contact us for pricing and quotes online today.

    Automatic & wall-mounted soap dispensers for your guests’ ultimate convenience

    Store-bought hand soaps and ineffective hand sanitisers are now a thing of the past. Our automatic and wall-mounted dispensers make hand washing and cleanliness more effective than ever, and combined with Dolphin’s high-performance hand sanitiser and soap, there will never be any question about the cleanliness or quality of your washroom.

    Our automatic wall-mounted soap dispensers are made from durable stainless steel, adding a sleek but reliable feel to your washroom. Plus, thanks to the rust-resistant nature of stainless steel, our dispensers are compatible with different types of soaps and sanitisers, including alcohol liquid sanitiser, non-alcoholic foaming sanitiser, antibacterial lotion or gel, liquid soap, and antibacterial foam soap. 

    Your soap dispensers will remain in excellent condition and maintain the clean aesthetic of your washrooms.

    For the ultimate convenience of your maintenance team, our soap dispensers are also lockable and battery-operated, meaning your dispensers will remain secure and keep working for thousands of applications without a power source. 

    Custom finishes are available to ensure your soap dispensers blend into your washroom’s existing aesthetic 

    We pride ourselves on our ability to offer custom finishes and designs to our clients. Your wall-mounted soap dispenser should blend into the existing aesthetic of your washrooms, creating a luxurious experience for your customers and guests.

    Almost our entire range of products is customisable in terms of finishes and colours. For example, we offer a physical vapour deposition (PVD) coating, which is loved by architects the world over. Hard-wearing, corrosion and tarnish-resistant, and available in a wide range of textures and six stunning colours, our PVD coating can add durability and style to any washroom.

    This coating is recommended for all washroom environments, although it is commonly used in the automotive and marine industries. 

    We also offer powder coating or electrostatic spray deposition (ESD), a free-flowing organic powder that is applied by electrostatic attraction to metal. This coating provides a durable, uniform, attractive and high-quality finish on almost all of our stainless steel products, which is why it is one of our most popular finishes. 

    For customised soap dispensers for your washroom, get in touch with the team from Dolphin Solutions. We’re passionate about creating stunning, completely customised products for our clients. 

    FAQs about our commercial soap dispensers 

    • How do touch-free soap dispensers work?

      It depends on what model of soap dispenser you choose. For example, our infrared soap dispensers have sensors that detect infrared energy emitted by body heat. When a customer’s hands are placed near the sensor, the infrared energy fluctuates and triggers the pump to dispense the perfect amount of soap.

      Other touch-free soap dispensers are motion-focused. A motion detector detects the hands under the dispenser, and the pump activates. After the customer removes their hands, the dispenser automatically shuts off.

      The same can be said for our touch-free taps!
    • What are Dolphin’s soap dispensers made from?

      Our soap dispensers are made from high-quality stainless steel. Stainless steel is a durable, low-maintenance material with a long life cycle, meaning you can rely on our stainless steel soap dispensers to look sleek and luxurious for years to come.

      We use stainless steel because it does not rust, which is important in environments with lots of water. It remains “stainless” because of the interaction between its alloying elements and the environment.It contains iron, chromium, manganese, silicon, carbon and significant amounts of nickel and molybdenum. These elements combined mean stainless steel remains “stainless” and durable, ideal for washrooms.

      Stainless steel is also incredibly versatile, so our stainless steel soap dispensers are available in two stunning finishes: powder coating and PVD. Contact us for more details.

    • Are your soap dispensers customisable?

      Absolutely. Our soap dispensers are designed to blend into your existing washroom design, so we offer customisable options to meet your unique design and functionality needs.

      We offer two luxurious finishes to our stainless steel soap dispensers: powder finish (a durable, uniform, attractive and high-quality finish) or PVC (hard-wearing, corrosion and tarnish-resistant finish on metal components). We offer our customers the opportunity to choose between powder finishes and PVC based on their unique needs and requirements.

      Contact us for more information about our custom soap dispenser options. 
    • Do you have examples of soap dispenser fit-outs?

      Of course. We have many case studies proving our efficiency and stunning washroom designs. For example, we fit out the Sydney International Airport. Sustainability is one of the Sydney Airport’s primary focuses – we knew we could assist them in creating washrooms that were both elegant and eco-friendly.

      Over 45 million people enter Sydney Airport annually, and more than 100 thousand walk through most days, making it Australia’s busiest airport.

      Hygiene is of paramount importance. Dolphin provided the DBL425C touch-free taps and the BCL632C touch-free soap dispensers, making their airport a safer place for all travellers.

      For more case studies and testimonials, see here.

    Contact our team for pricing and custom designs today

    At Dolphin Solutions, we love helping business owners create better washrooms for their customers and guests. With this in mind, we offer an all-expenses-paid in-depth Dolphin Experience. 

    After getting in touch with Dolphin, you will be invited to meet our washroom experts and visit our showroom to see how our products are put to good use. Our team will share ideas and inspiration for your washroom design and complete product demonstrations so you can make an educated decision for your washrooms.

    Discover how to create better washrooms with our all-expenses-paid, in-depth Dolphin Experience. You’ll meet the experts, visit our showroom and see first-hand how our products are put to good use.

    You will also be introduced to the team working with your architects and contractors on your washroom project, and we will give you a tour of our in-house manufacturing plant where your new soap dispensers will be made. 

    We offer a completely bespoke experience. Contact us to book a showroom appointment, or simply talk to us about pricing and project logistics. We’d be happy to talk you through the process.

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