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Dolphin Foam Soap Cartridge Multifeed System


Dolphin Foam Soap Cartridge Multifeed System

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  • Multifeed system can supply up to 8 foam soap dispensers
  • Compliant with WELL v2 2018 by International WELL Building Institute. W08 Handwashing, Part 2A
  • Pending UK Patent. Application No. 1314060.3
  • Uses 3.5 litre cartridges – 10,000 shots approx. per cartridge AL0467
  • For mounting under counter, behind hinged mirrors, in service duct or within cleaner’s cupboard
  • 2 litre reservoir (fixed collapsible container to continue supplying dispensers when cartridge finishes)
  • Compatible with BCL632F, BC1022F, BC1032F, BC633F, BC637F, ALS0300
  • Requires DS800PIPEWORK for multifeed installation (1 per soap position)
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