ALAVO Mirror Systems: Touch-Free Commercial Hand Basin With Behind-Mirror Dispensers

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Take a contemporary approach to your washroom design with our Alavo touch-free commercial hand basins

A sleek, intuitive touch-free commercial hand basin can make a simple washroom seem like the height of luxury. With touch-free taps, soap dispensers and paper towel dispensers, your guests will never need to touch a single surface, making your washroom a cleaner, more sanitary space. 

Dolphin Solutions has developed a contemporary range of touch-free commercial hand basins known as Alavo, which conceals your taps and dispensers behind a mirror. This clean and clever design eliminates clutter in your washroom while minimising water mess and slip hazards. 

Our Alavo Wash Wall Systems have been engineered using the latest technologies like infrared sensor taps, a foam soap dispenser with concealed cartridges and high-speed, low-energy hand dryers. Truly, Alavo Touch-Free Commercial Hand Basins are the perfect solution for any washroom. 

Browse the Alavo collection online today, or contact us for more information about pricing, custom designs and more. Our team would be more than happy to walk you through the process from design to installation.

Our commercial vanities and wash wall systems are completely customisable

One of the major benefits of Alavo Commercial Vanities and Wash-Wall Systems is that they are completely customisable to suit the needs of your guests. From a single basin to an eight-person basin, Alavo Wash Wall Systems can accommodate the flow of guests visiting the washroom with ease.

Even after the design and installation process, your Alavo Wash Wall System can be customised to meet your guests’ needs. For example, hand dryers and paper towel dispensers can be interchangeable after installation (if specified in advance), so if your guests have an eco-friendly focus, you can replace the paper towel dispenser with a touch-free hand dryer. 

Architects and contractors can also throw off the shackles of design restrictions and get creative with a hugely customisable system. We offer an extensive range of designs and textures for vanity tops and troughs, so your new Alavo System will blend seamlessly into your washroom design. 

An Alavo Commercial Vanity can truly transform your washroom design in an instant. Discover the collection online and contact us for pricing and installation. 

Eliminate clutter and embrace clean lines with our behind-mirror washroom solutions

Alavo wash wall systems are designed to be sleek, luxurious and totally contemporary. With long frameless mirrors, 304-grade satin stainless steel, and touch-free sensors, Alavo Systems are made for prestigious washrooms worldwide. 

Along with the beautiful design, Alavo Systems are perfect for eliminating washroom clutter. All the essential elements of a washroom are cleverly hidden behind the mirror, including: 

  • Behind mirror paper towel dispensers
  • Behind mirror hand dryers
  • Behind mirror soap dispensers
  • Behind mirror sensor taps

With these elements behind the mirror, you can maximise space in your washrooms, minimise mess and achieve an elegant, modern look. 

Configure your Alavo touch-free commercial hand basin online

For your ultimate convenience, we have developed an online configuration tool where you can customise your Alavo Wash Wall Systems and discover the possibilities for your washroom design. Simply choose from the options and designs on-screen, and our software will build, output and deliver specification documents and scaled system drawings for you within 30 minutes. 

Your bespoke designs will be sent directly to your email inbox, where you can view the designs and start planning the upgrade of your washrooms.

Visit our Alavo page to access our interactive configuration tool today.

FAQs about the Alavo behind mirror hand wash basin 

  • Can Dolphin Solutions install the Alavo System for me?

    Absolutely. To gain a 10-year warranty for your wall-mounted hand wash basin, we recommend having our team install it for you. A certified installation specialist can also carry out service connections and integration.

    Contact us within 12 months of installing your Alavo Wall-Mounted System to set up an ongoing service contract.
  • How will I know when to refill the foam soap dispenser?

    The Alavo system has a refill warning light that illuminates when it’s time for restocking. Your maintenance employees will know when to restock the Alavo System and ensure bathroom visitors can access the consumables and accessories they need for a complete washroom experience.

  • Do you offer soap for the Alavo System?

    Yes! We recommend refilling and restocking the Alavo System with our Alavo soap cartridge system and refills for optimum performance.

Contact us for more information about custom designs, pricing, installation, and so much more

Enhance the look and feel of your washrooms with an Alavo touch-free commercial hand basin. Our vanities are completely customisable to meet your design aspirations — contact our knowledgeable sales team via (02) 4966 8499 or for more information about customisation, pricing, installation and delivery today. 

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