PVD colours and finish codes

We offer two PVD finish options, each available in seven beautiful colours which are available in a select range of Dolphin washroom products.

The two types of PVD coatings for washroom products include a satin brushed finish and a mirror polished finish.

Satin brushed PVD

PVD Code – Satin BrushedColourColour Code
03Rose Gold50
03Antique Bronze60

Mirror polished PVD

PVD Code – Mirror PolishColourColour Code
04Rose Gold50
04Antique Bronze60

Which washroom products can be PVD coated?

While not all washroom products within each product range can be coated with PVD, please reach out to us with your specific needs, and our team will help you explore the available options.

However, Physical Vapour Deposition can be applied to certain washroom fittings and washroom fixtures in the following ranges:

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