At Dolphin, we are passionate about transforming washrooms into sanctuaries that provide people with safety, privacy, and security. The Superloo is an innovation that has helped us achieve this like never before!

First things first – what is a Superloo?

Simply put, a Superloo is a self-contained, full washroom enclosed in a single cubicle with a full door. A single unit typically has a toilet, taps, a sink basin, a vanity mirror, and hand-drying facility.

Dolphin Superloo Sets include a host of accessories that elevate your superloo into a comfortable, intuitive, and stylish washroom space. We have options that fit your needs and budget, from our premium Alavo set to the Budget Superloo set. View the sets and inclusions below.

Why choose Superloos and Dolphin Superloo Sets?


Superloos eliminate the need for separate Male and Female washrooms, which means you only need a single, dedicated space for all users. Dolphin Superloo sets help you maximize space by incorporating all accessories within the cubicle, making our Superloos the perfect option for layouts with limited space.

Inclusive & Private.

Since a Superloo is self-contained, it provides a level of privacy that common washrooms cannot match. With Dolphin’s complete accessories, users are able to finish all their washroom activities within its confines, making Dolphin Superloos truly a safe, secure option for all genders.

Safe & Hygienic.

With its contained layout, Superloo washrooms minimise direct contact with other users. This, along with Dolphin’s touch-free accessories, can help maintain hygiene in washrooms, and curb the spread of Covid and other viruses.

Need anymore persuading? Here’s one – so convinced are we of the Superloo’s benefits, that we have chosen this washroom design for our very own Dolphin head office. Yes, we know what we’re talking about. Superloos are simply amazing!