As we know, washrooms have a significant part to play in reducing the spread of germs in any public environment, particularly when it comes to hand washing. Research from BioCote has shown the sink as the worst culprit for levels of contamination with more than 50,000 Colony-Forming Units (CFUs) present on or around the basin at any one time. Because of their streamlined and easy to clean shape, troughs help reduce the number of spaces where germs can be harboured, improving hygiene in the washroom. Troughs are a rapidly growing trend in washhroom design, offering a more modern, stylish alternative to the standard sink.

If you are looking for design options for your next washroom project, here are some reasons to consider a trough.

What materials do we offer?

The ALAVO vanity troughs by Dolphin, are available in two durable materials, Corian and Silestone.

Corian is the ultimate seamless solution offering maximum design flair.

Silestone is a product made with compressed Quartz which has exceptionally high scratch and stain resistance. This means this solution is great for high footfall locations.  Silestone is an ideal solution for the commercial environment and is widely used by kitchen manufacturers due to its great stain-resisting properties.

Both materials are available in a range of colours and matching splashbacks can be supplied to offer a consistent, professional finish to your washroom.

Combining two classics

While troughs are available as a solo item to suit whatever washroom you have envisioned, they work particularly well as part of the Dolphin Alavo system.  When space is at a premium, and energy-efficiency is a priority, this modular, touch-free, behind-mirror handwash system from Dolphin has got all the answers. Combining taps, soap dispensers and hand dryers behind a mirror, it’s quick to install, easy to replenish and a pleasure to use.

Choosing your Trough design

At Dolphin Solutions we offer three different trough designs.

Our first is the Hidden Waste Designer Vanity Trough. This has an angled slope, which allows for water run-off through continuous slots to a hidden waste channel, which can be accessed by a removable cover panel. With a square front fascia it hides the trap and waste pipe therefore allowing you to integrate it perfectly with Alavo.

The second is the Slimline Square Box Vanity Trough. This trough has a minimalist square box design where the waste outlets are exposed. The front fascia of the trough is square and the depth can be varied according to individual design specifications.

Thirdly, Dolphin’s Continuous Vanity Top with integrated basin has a seamless top to enable easier cleaning. This design has individual wastes, which are enclosed behind the front fascia.

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