The Val Thoiry shopping centre in the Auvergne-Phône-Alpes region of France has recently undergone a redevelopment to expand the existing 30,000m2 shopping centre by building a 16,000m2 extension.

Working with Dunnett Craven Architects and the contractor Herve Themique, Dolphin advised and created the most fitting washroom solution for the high footfall shopping location.

Dolphin Alavo to Meet Sustainability Goals

The Dolphin Alavo was chosen as the masterpiece of this washroom due to its numerous benefits and stylish nature. The Alavo hand wash system is environmentally friendly and easy for cleaning operatives to maintain and replenish which makes it great for high footfall locations like shopping centres.

The washroom is fitted with infrared sensor taps to help with sustainability goals. They provide water savings of up to 65%. The high-tech, in-built Velocity hand dryers also help as they offer an energy saving of up to 70%.

The high quality design uses the latest technology to tackle usual washroom issues, as the all-encompassing unit leaves no mess on the floor and designers are free to add their own touches in the space it saves as we did in this location.

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Herve Themique