The British Motor Museum in Warwickshire plays host to the largest collection of historic British Cars in the world. There are over 300 classic cars on display such as the very first Land Rover (1948), Minis that won the Monte Carlo Rally in the 1960s, Rolls-Royce Phantoms, Aston Martin DB7, Sinclair C5, Jaguar R1 Formula One Race car and many more.

Not only does this museum showcase this stunning array of historical and modern classics, they host antique fairs, children and adult learning/exhibition days plus educational and tutorial experiences. So high volumes of customers throughout the day is a regular experience for this facility.

Their washrooms needed to cater for all types of user from parents with babies to the elderly. Therefore their vision was inclusive washrooms, pleasant and fun whilst using products that inspired and created intuitive use for the user.

We worked with them on this vision and can proudly showcase them as our first project to specify our floating tap. We installed our Alavo wash wall system, of which our new floating tap can be designed with. Our only visible accessory to date that just goes straight into the module yet remains visible, meaning there is no need to puncture the splashback. This product removes the need for requirements for any services in the service void and benefits from being integrated without the installation or maintenance hassle. Furthermore, it is a seriously stylish, sleek and classy design.

The Alavo unit over a trough basin (our Eclipse vanity trough), keeps the hand wash and drying space clear, allowing multiple users to use the facility at any given time.This has an angled slope, which allows for water run-off through continuous slots to a hidden waste channel, which can be accessed by a removable cover panel. With a square front fascia it hides the trap and waste pipe therefore allowing you to integrate it perfectly with Alavo. Lit icons on soap and drying create instinctive use, with the drying products in the same space, meaning the user can wash and dry hands in the same area.

This design catered exactly for their needs, a stylish creation that allows easy use for heavy traffic at any given point, ease of access and an easy-to-manage system for facilities teams, so that its presentation can be frequently clean and pleasant.

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